How is Medical Cannabis Used

Medical cannabis has been legally available to New Yorker’s through the State’s medical marijuana program since 2014. Medical cannabis is available to people who have a certification from specially licensed medical care providers for certain medical conditions.

The new law expands the eligibility of medical cannabis, increases the number of caregivers allowed per patient, allows prescriptions for as many as 60 days (up from 30) and allows smokable cannabis to be purchased in medical marijuana dispensaries.

Cannabis use is not allowed in motor vehicles (even if they are parked) or in outdoor dining areas at restaurants. Smoking or vaping cannabis in prohibited areas may result in a summons and fine.

It is still against the law for people younger than 21 years old to possess, sell or use any amount of cannabis. Also, no one may legally possess more than three ounces of cannabis, sell any amount without a license or drive while under the influence or impaired by cannabis.

After legal sales begin (in late 2022 at the earliest), adults will be allowed to store up to five pounds of cannabis in their home.
Adults will be allowed to grow three cannabis plants at home. Homes with more than one adult will be allowed to grow six plants (three mature and three immature plants).
Cities and towns may have on-site consumption areas where people can use cannabis.